You need to sell your house fast?

You need to sell your house fast?

In today’s highly competitive real estate market, where most homes are getting offers in just a week after the listing, it may take longer than four months to finish the process of to sell your house (from the time of listing until the closing). That’s not even including the amount of time and effort that you will be required to spend on cleaning up, painting, and prepping the home to be in optimal conditions for its sale. If you’re not willing to wait this long, you’ll have to take a look at the different options you have.

One option is to offer your home to an expert real estate professional who can sell your house quickly. Or, you can request a cash offer through some of the online platforms available for this purpose and reduce the closing time by ten days. In this article, you’ll be able to understand the best ways to receive an instant offer, then sign the deal, and move out of a property that’s not serving you.


Option 1: Request an all-cash offer on your house

Find a buyer who would like to make an offer.

In a hot market, homes are sold quickly. A house could stay on the market for more than 35 – 40 days in a typical year. A home that is in a poor state will take more than the average time to sell. A typical buyer who plans to reside in the home would prefer to have it ready for move-in and will likely require the house to meet certain standards for it to be appraised.


Wait for the loan provider to close on your potential buyer’s mortgage.

Even if you perform no preparations for your home and find an interested buyer in record-breaking time, you won’t be able to accelerate the closing process as long as there is lender involvement.

Sell your home for cash takes away any difficulty that could slow down the process. Homeowners can list their home on the market and be lucky in getting a buyer that is willing to take cash payment. But, they can remove a lot of the stress and save time by working directly with a company that buys houses in cash.


You need to sell your house fast?


Option 2: Work with a professional real estate agent to accelerate  your sale

Most people do not like the idea of sacrificing any of their property value; even if they need to sell their house quickly, that’s something most people are not willing to accept.  It is well-known that homes that agents represent are sold for more. Properties that are listed with agents are sold at the median of 95% of the value. Therefore, despite the advantages of selling cash for cash, most sellers opt to partner with an agent to increase their home’s value.

If you decide to partner up with a real estate agent to sell your house, you’ll have to keep in mind that the potential buyers your realtor attracts might not make an offer in cash for your home.  Additionally, you must choose to work with a real estate agent who can and will do all they can to complete an efficient sale. In cases like this, experience and a record of success in sales are crucial.


How does selling for cash work?

Typically, it works like this: You avoid the demanding and time-consuming process of staging your home to attract potential buyers and go directly to requesting a cash offer: no agent fees, no open houses. The buyer you’re working with decides what they’re willing to pay, possibly based on a quick home tour or by looking at photos or videos.


Buying and selling a house in Fort Worth, TX

Selling your house in Fort Worth, Texas, does not have to be complicated; we at DFW Buy My House make the whole process easy for you. So if you need a fast, fair, and firm cash offer that you can count on, contact us at (682) 325-8345.



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