Where are some good places to live in Dallas, TX?

Where are some good places to live in Dallas, TX?

Most people that move to the Dallas area choose to live in the city itself, considering that the cost of living is reasonable and the streets are overflowing with many new eateries, popular bars, and numerous things to do. But if you’re the kind of people who prefer a calm place where to start a family, and you want an even more affordable cost of living, or if you just want to work in the suburbs, do not worry: Dallas is home to multiple vibrant, safe, and exciting suburbs. For those who love trying new food out there, some of the best ethnic cuisines are in the suburbs. And for the nature lovers, Dallas`s suburbs have some of the best parks and trails outside of the city.


  1. Addison 

Home to many people in their 20-somethings who want rent that’s just a bit cheaper, Addison is our top selection for a community to live in outside of the city of Dallas. Only approximately 10 miles north of Dallas, this suburb is home to various high-end restaurants, as well as Addison Circle, a lively and young mini-downtown home to working professionals and young families alike. Addison`s median age is 32.5, and it’s probably the nearest you’ll get to living in Dallas while still feeling like you’re in the city. It’s also pretty walkable for those nights when driving home from the bar is just a bad idea.


  1. Frisco

Frisco is the new spot to be based on locals and non-locals as well. Many big corporations are relocating here, and it was named the fourth-best place in the United States to live for first-time homebuyers. Its population growth in a decade (from 2000 to 2013) was 305 %, and it’s only increasing each year. Frisco is not the best option for people who work in downtown Dallas as it is farther north than most of the rest suburbs on this list. 


  1. Farmers Branch

Farmers Branch is another excellent selection for those people who want to live close enough to Dallas. This city is still relatively young, with a median age of 36.8. This suburb was placed the seventh most affordable Dallas suburb. Its population is just under 31,000, so it has the small-town sense newcomers might be on the hunt for.


Where are some good places to live in Dallas, TX? Imagen de David Mark en Pixabay


  1. Plano

Recently named as the third best place to live in the U.S. by Money magazine, big companies like Toyota and J.C. Penney have corporate offices in Plano. The city has 200,000 jobs, with another 20,000 predicted over the following five years.


  1. Carrollton

With a population of just over 121,000, this place is one of the most populous suburbs around Dallas. Another fact about Carrolton is that It’s also more diverse than other Dallas suburbs and was ranked the 13th most diverse suburb in the whole state of Texas. (Its population is 30 $ Hispanic, 8% African American and 13 % Asian.) if you like Vietnamese and Indian food, then Carrollton would be an ideal place for you. It’s also a popular place for new families, as housing is affordable and the neighborhood is safe. 


  1. University Park

University Park was ranked as one of the best suburbs to live in Dallas by D Magazine; it is the closest you’ll get to living in a suburb bordering Dallas, but it is not as expensive as Highland Park. (if you’re looking for affordability, this isn’t the spot for you as It’s still a pricey place to live.

Living in University Park feels like living in Dallas. This city is ripe with clean streets and lush foliage, giving it a small-town feel. A few other University Park facts include that it has a young median age (26), a low crime rate, and exceptional public schools.



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