Practical ways to sell your house in a week

Practical ways to sell your house in a week

Are you considering selling your house? You might imagine a months-long process that involves expensive repairs and entertaining many potential buyers.

Average homes stay listed on the market between 60 and 100 days between the initial listing and the final close, but any time the market takes a turn, or during particular times of the year, this number could be significantly longer.

If you really need to sell your house quickly because of an imminent move, the need to dispose of a parent’s home, financial problems, or anything else urgent, you won’t want to — or can’t — wait for months.

You probably don’t want to spend a lot of time or money throughout the process. So, how soon do you want to sell your house? 30 days? Two months? What about within a week?

The excellent news is that it is totally possible to sell your house in just a week, and it does not have to be as hard as you believe. Like with any sale, you’ll have to determine your selling strategy, which may involve working with a traditional real estate agent, selling the home yourself, or finding a high-quality cash buyer.


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  1. Sell your house in a week through the traditional way

Professional real estate experts should tell you that almost any house can sell quickly, even if it’s not in excellent condition.

You just need to set a realistic (usually low) price and have an adequate marketing plan in place. Different kinds of buyers continually scan real estate advertisements for deals that they can scoop up.

Some buyers may want to buy your home for rentals or flipping. On the other hand, some other buyers just want to purchase a house for their own family. They’d prefer to pick their own renovations and colors, so they’re willing to make repairs and upgrades after buying in exchange for a more economical sales price.

You should know that selling a home traditionally is not a quick process, and to find good results in this way; you will have to price to sell — which usually means a low, below-market price tag.

However, you should make the most of what you have when you want to sell a home very quickly. If you choose to sell for sale by the owner or with a realtor, the same recommendations apply. Center upon these three factors:


Basic Home Staging

Some great but minimum tips include:

  • Clean and declutter the inside
  • Maintain lawns and landscaping on the outside
  • Consider painting and making other small cosmetic renovations.


A Marketing Plan

In addition to making the most of your home’s appearance, you need to develop a solid marketing plan that considers essential elements like the sales price and market exposure.


  1. Sell us your house for cash


Finding a buyer the traditional way is not always easy and can take a lot of time and money that you do not want to spend. Even if you attract a buyer within a week, you’ll likely still have to wait for some more weeks for a closing date and, in some cases, the buyer to finalize their financing.

Throughout this process, the sale can still fall through, making you start from the beginning. Basically, you might be able to sell your house in 7 days utilizing traditional practices, but getting the sale to close is an entirely different hurdle to clear.

It’s improbable that you can get cash in your bank account or have the mortgage paid off in that short of a time.

That’s when we come to your rescue. With dfwbuymyhouse, you don’t have to stage your house, market the property, or get stressed over the listing price. We buy houses in as-is condition and provide you with a firm offer the first day we meet; that is because we buy houses with cash, there is no risk that financing will fall through, making a deal in your closing. We can close on houses in as little as a week, but there’s no rush to move out.

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