How to sell my house quickly?

How to sell my house quickly?

Even in a highly competitive market, where “for sale” signs won’t last long, you may need to ensure that your house sells quickly.  There are many methods you can use to quickly sell your home. The right one for your needs may not depend on your timeline but rather on the priorities you place. Here are four strategies to speed up the home-selling process.


Find a professional listing agent

People always want to close quickly and maximize their home’s profit. You might consider a top-shelf agent to help you sell your house quickly and maximize the profit. They will help you accurately price your home, take stunning photos and write a compelling listing description. They will also be your advocate when it comes time to negotiate and evaluate offers. However, people need to take into account that a sellers’ agent can cost you quite a bit, since real estate agent commissions may vary.


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Sell to an iBuyer

An iBuyer can be described as a company that will purchase your home directly using a cash offer. The “i” stands to indicate “instant”. Most iBuyers allow you to fill out an online form and upload photos of your home. You will receive a quote within days. However,  iBuyers are not available in all areas of the country and only purchase certain types of homes. Usually, if you enter your address, an iBuyer website will tell you if your place is eligible.

iBuyers let you choose your closing date. This is a great option if you’re selling and buying simultaneously ( it also allows for an easier and quicker transaction).  You might be able to close an iBuyer transaction in as little as 7 to 10 business days, as long as there is no mortgage involved.


Choose a cash buyer

It doesn’t matter if you’re working with an agent or selling your home yourself,  accepting a cash-only offer can help speed up the closing. The buyer simply has the cash, so there is no need to worry about whether or not their financing will fail or how long it will take for mortgage underwriting. Cash buyers usually are willing to buy the house regardless of its condition. 


Go the For sale by Owner route

A listing agent may not be necessary to help you sell your house faster, that is why many homeowners opt for selling their homes by themselves. What is the downside to selling your house quickly without an agent? You will have to do everything yourself, which demands time and effort.


Here are more tips to sell your home quickly

No matter who you decide to sell your house to, or how you do it, you can still take the first steps to get started.

Do a deep cleaning: Professional home staging is not necessary. Thorough cleaning and some decluttering can make a big difference. It makes it easier for buyers and sellers to see the home as theirs by removing personal items. A smaller home can appear larger and more comfortable by reducing clutter.

Make your exterior more appealing: Curb appeal is about having a home that looks good from the street. You can make a difference by pressure washing your siding and trimming and weeding any unruly vegetation. 

Create demand:  If your property is on the Multiple Listing Service but has not yet been shown to buyers, a “coming soon” period could help you get offers faster when your house goes on the market. It is not the same as a pocket listing, which is when a property has been listed on the Multiple List Service but is not yet available for buyers.


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