Companies that buy houses in cash

Companies that buy houses in cash

There will always be investors and companies interested and willing to buy houses for cash, but are they the best option for you? There’s no single answer as it depends on your circumstances. 

The traditional method for selling your home is to prepare the house and list it with a realtor. You hope that buyers will offer a competitive bid, which would result in a monetary profit. However, if you don’t want to go the traditional route, or your circumstances do not allow you to go through this process, there are other options that will allow you to sell your house. It may involve selling your property to an organization.

Although they may look similar, there are many types of companies interested in buying properties, often for cash and with quick turnarounds. We will be breaking down the different types of companies that you might encounter and how they do business. Also, we will discuss what you should consider if you are considering selling your home to a corporation.


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Types of companies that buy houses

There are many companies that can buy houses. They have different ways of buy houses and different motivations. Here are five types of companies that might buy your house.

  • Franchise cash buyers.
  • iBuyers.
  • House flippers.
  • Buy-and-hold investors.
  • Trade-in companies.



Companies known as iBuyers are a growing number of companies offering quick cash for homes. These companies are present in increasing numbers of U.S. markets and purchase homes that don’t need much work. The goal is to quickly turn around and sell the home for a higher price. The home seller is paid a higher amount than a cash buyer would pay for houses that require more work. However, an iBuyer is involved with more transactions because it operates in multiple markets.


House flippers

House flippers invest in properties that are outdated or run down and renovate them to make them move-in-ready. Then, they sell the property for more than what it cost to buy and remodel it. To cut down on operating costs and holding expenses, house flippers aim to flip a home in six months or less.


Franchise Cash Buyers

Many national brands are in the real estate industry and specialize in buying houses strictly for cash. Since they operate as franchises,  this modality offers people the benefit that the person they are working with would be a local franchisee.


Buy-and-Hold Investors

Another type of investor that you might come across is the one that will buy your property and rent it out to tenants. The investor will often purchase a house that needs work and then renovate it before renting it.


Trade-In Companies

A trade-in company is a good option for homeowners who want to sell quickly to make cash and buy a new home. However, they may not be able to sell the home at the agreed price. These companies offer cash to buy a new home based on the current home’s value. Then they sell the property on the open market with a portion of the proceeds going to the company.


Should You Sell Your House to a Company?

Because of the many variables involved in life, the decision to sell your house to a company is a very personal one; there’s no simple answer that applies to everyone. However, if you do not have much time or patience, a cash buyer might be the best option for you as it will allow you to quickly sell a property without having to deal with home improvements. At DFWbuymyhouse, we will purchase your house in cash, saving you time and making the whole process easier for you. Contact us for more information.


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