Can I use my 401k to buy a house?

Can I use my 401k to buy a house?

You might be wondering if a 401(k), which is a retirement plan, can be used to buy a house if you are short of cash. Is that possible? Yes, it is; you can use funds from their 401k plan to purchase a home. However, this is not the best decision as there is an opportunity cost. The funds you take out of your retirement account can’t be replaced easily.

Many people can purchase a house with as little as 3% or 0% down. This means that you don’t have to draw on your retirement savings to make a down payment. It is usually allowed to use your 401(k) to make a down payment on a house. However, it is advised to consider the low- and no-down-payment mortgages that are available today before you decide to use your 401k to buy a home.

There are also some benefits to 401(k), such as the fact that they aren’t subject to tax, don’t affect credit scores, and have low-interest rates.


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You can use your 401(k), but it is not ryouecommended.

Due to limitations on the amount you can withdraw, your 401(k) cannot buy a flat-out house. It is possible to use your retirement plan to pay down the down payment or cover closing costs for a home. Most financial experts agree that using your retirement plan to buy a house is a terrible financial decision that might have negative consequences for your future.

It is recommended to consider and opt for one of the several options available to obtain cash for a down payment. These alternatives won’t have the long-term consequences of taking money out of your retirement savings.

If you have already considered all the available options and decided that the money in a 401(k) is the best option to get the cash you need for a home purchase. In this instance, you have two options to access your 401k funds.


  • You can borrow money from a 401(k), which you will need to repay with interest
  • You can withdraw the money and pay a 10% penalty. The IRS will also tax your income.


Drawbacks of using Your 401(k) for a Purchase of a House

Borrowing from your 401k can cause severe and long-lasting damage to your retirement savings. Financial advisors recommend that borrowers only tap their 401k funds as a last alternative. Some of the negative impacts of using your retirement plan to buy a house include:


  1. You can’t usually make new contributions to your retirement fund while you pay back the 401(k).
  2. You could lose out on five years or more in retirement contributions and five years of compound interest. This will likely impact your savings later in life.


Tapping your retirement account to buy a house is a risky move, even if it is possible. You reduce your retirement savings, not only in terms of the immediate decline in balance but also in terms of its future potential for growth.

The repayment period is also shorter if you leave your current job or are laid off while you have a 401(k) loan. In such cases, you would have to repay the loan within the year of your tax filing.



The best use of 401k funds for a home is to meet an immediate cash need. Be aware that borrowing money from your plan could impact your ability to get a mortgage. Even though you owe it to yourself, it counts as debt.

However, if you have to withdraw from your retirement savings, the Roth IRA should be your first account. Then, a traditional IRA should follow. If these options don’t work, you can always borrow money from your 401k. You can also request a hardship distribution from 401(k) as a last resort.


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